Get to know the startup crawl stops

We asked all the 2018 Startup Crawl stops to introduce themselves to the attendees. Here’s what they had to say:

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Startup Junkie

What they do: Provide 1-to-1 consulting for entrepreneurs and work to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Arkansas through events and programming. 

What they're up to now: The team just returned from the Kauffman ESHIP Summit in Kansas City and can't wait to implement new ideas!

Something unique about them: Startup Junkie runs a weekly podcast where team members interview dynamic and fun leaders in the community!

Other Info: Office is located on the second floor of the Pryor Center 



What they Do: Metova provides mobile, web, enterprise, connected home, connected vehicle, IoT and Cybersecurity solutions that change how people live, work and play through technology.

What they’re up to now: In our Metova Lab we're playing with LoRa architecture and capabilities to find neat solutions for our clients.

Something unique about them: Metova is currently working on connected vehicle entertainment inside future vehicle models with major auto manufacturers.

Other info: Metova is on the 6th floor of their building, with some of the best views in the City. 



What they do: Qbox provides hosted Elasticsearch around the world. With Qbox you get infinite scalability; unrestricted API; VPC peering; plus the ability to scale up or down as needed and to pay for only what you use.  

What they're up to now: Actually, we're "up to" 19 full-time employees now, 14 here in Fayetteville plus 5 international team members. (Find us on
Something unique about them:
We're the only hosted Elasticsearch provider that allows you to choose both the location and the cloud platform of your clusters, which significantly lowers response time. 

Other info: Our newest feature is, which is Kubernetes as an auto-scaling service. Our Supergiant team is among the first selected by the CNCF as official Service Providers for our extensive expertise, enterprise support capacity, and contributions to the Kubernetes ecosystem. 



What they do: Skosay is a promotional marketplace simplifying how shoppers and brands connect to discover new products.  

What they're up to now: In the last year Skosay has launched a brand platform and an updated design and user experience at which has went on to acquire nearly 500K users.  

Something unique about them: We are the "Pied Piper" of Northwest Arkansas.

Other info: Skosay (and Qbox) are located behind Romance Diamond just off of Dickson Street. There will be a bus on a continuous loop out to their location. Bypass the crowded bars on Dickson and get the free beer at their offices. 

Litte Bird.png

Little Bird Systems

What they do: Little Bird Systems develops smart sensor systems for the poultry and agriculture industries.

What they're up to now: Little Bird is in the initial release phase of our FeedCast product. This product, developed over the last three years, non-intrusively senses the level of grain inside feed bins and transmits that information over the cellular network. 

Something unique about them: The name “Little Bird Systems” was chosen before the founders knew they would be working in the poultry industry. The idea behind the name comes from utilizing custom sensors in order to become the proverbial Little Bird that gives people new, exciting, and useful information.

Other information: You can find Little Bird in the basement level of the Mill District. Fun fact, last year they were located at the Arkansas Research & Technology Park. 



What they do: Zenwork's cloud-based software and services are a complete, up-to-date solution for small-medium businesses, accountants, and accounts payable departments. Our eFiling compliance suite includes Tax1099, for federal and state information reporting, EZ22990, for heavy vehicle use taxes, and more. 

What they're up to now: In the last couple years, we've rolled out eFile Assist, a new informational return outsourcing solution for our accounts payable clients. We've also continued to build out our robust platform features for accountants. This year, we're introducing a new user experience, centered on ease-of-access and high-functionality for our users. Just wait until you see what next year will bring!

Something unique about them: We combine extensive tax knowledge with openness to our users' feedback, and we develop industry-leading, award-winning, cloud-based software. We're a small team that packs a punch. You'll definitely be surprised by the diversity of our backgrounds and personalities. Drop by for a chat!

Other Info: Zenwork (and Startup Junkie) are located on the 2nd floor of the Pryor Center, above the mega location. If you’re looking for beer and cider inside, head upstairs to these two offices. 

Shout out to Zenwork for being this year’s beer cup sponsor! 

Brain & Brain.jpg

Brain and Brain

What they do: We're Brain&Brain, a married game dev duo whose work tells stories about curiosity. We’re best known for Burly Men at Sea, a branching folktale about the misadventures of a trio of large, bearded fishermen.

What they’re up to now: A little over a year ago, we set up shop here in Fayetteville’s Mill District to work on our latest projects, and we’re still here quietly working away.

Something unique about them: We developed most of our last game during eighteen months we spent as nomads: starting as farmhands in Portland and crisscrossing the continent before eventually ending up here.

Other info: Brain & Brain founders actually work out of their home upstairs in the Mill District. Don’t head up to their apartment though, they will be set up downstairs. 

Lofty Labs.png

Lofty Labs

What they do: Lofty builds software products and cloud applications for clients in Northwest Arkansas and around the world. 

What they’re up to now: Recently, they’ve been building lots of products that visualize and process live data into alerts and dashboards. The Lofty Labs blog is also a great way to stay up to date with what they’re up to. A recent article walks you through building a simple blockchain with Python and API Star. 

Something unique: Lofty Labs created the check-in system and heat map that we used at last year’s Startup Crawl for check-in and giveaways during the event. 



What they do: CREATIVE brings great design and product with purpose together to help brands establish emotional connections with their communities and build company culture through custom branded merchandise, apparel and employee recognition programs.  

What they're up to now: CREATIVE is focused on making things that matter. Creating a positive brand experience through custom merchandise is more than just slapping your logo on a cheap pen. It has to appeal to your audience, with the right blend of great design, high quality products and the perfect decoration. Finding that sweet spot is what CREATIVE does best. And they just moved into an awesome new office in the Mill building. 

Something unique about them: The owner of CREATIVE, Steve McBee, will not be attend the Startup Crawl this year, because he will be running a 100 mile race in Colorado instead. 


What they do: Back-office operations and finance services for eCommerce companies.

What they're up to now: We recently moved into our new offices off the Fayetteville Square and are focused on supporting clients as they scale into their next phase of growth.

Something unique about them: We enforce a strict "shorts and flip flops only” policy when the temperature is above 75.


Yoga Deza

What they do: Offering public yoga classes to de-stress from everyday life. They also develop and train yoga teachers at new-entry and professional levels. Yoga Deza works with many organizations and individuals from mental and physical therapists to school teachers and develop them to offer mind-body wellness practices in their services. They love good music and good food so they are often holding events centered around community connection and conscious living.

What they're up to now: This year they built out a new space in the basement of the EJ Ball building, moving from our original location on Sycamore St. They love being downtown! They also expanded to two training programs, a Prenatal Yoga training and a new and weeknight Therapeutic offering.

Something unique about them: Deza after hours. This is a late-night community gathering with live music (think open mic mixed with drum circle) that happens about once a month. The tea bar is open and curious individuals come in and plug into the welcoming vibe quickly. 

Other info: Deza (pronounced DAY-za) is Sanskrit for place. They are the yoga place. Also, Yoga Deza will be serving kombucha rather than beer at their stop.


Arkansas Research & Technology Park

What they do: The mission of the University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation (UATDF) at the ARTP is to stimulate a knowledge-based economy in the state of Arkansas through partnerships that lead to new opportunities for learning and discovery, that build and retain a knowledge-based workforce and that spawn the development of new technologies that enrich the economic base of Arkansas.

What they're up to now: Currently they have about 30 affiliate companies housed at the Research and Technology Park including two globally positioned companies. They continue to leverage the considerable assets of the University of Arkansas to support the development of emerging technology companies and flagship industries of the region.

Something unique about them: As the region’s only knowledge community focused on innovation and technology development in association with the University, the economic activities at the Arkansas Research and Technology Park (ARTP) have had a combined economic output impact of nearly $700 million on the Arkansas economy.

Other Info: ARTP is only open from 4-6 PM, so make sure they are your first stop on the crawl. There is a lot to see during this short time. Tours of the park, scientific companies, an electric car show hosted by IEEE, a robotics demo by FIRST Robotics, and a concert by Dana Louise.

Shoutout to ARTP for sponsoring transit during the crawl!


Brewer Family Entrepreneurship Hub

What they do: The Brewer Family Entrepreneurship Hub offers free co-working space and training for students, faculty and alums, as well as timely events for the Northwest Arkansas Entrepreneurial Community.

What they're up to now:  We are kicking off a new academic year and excited that the city’s new bike-share program will make it easier for students to travel between campus and the Hub!

Something unique about them: The Start-Up Crawl is also the one year anniversary of the opening of the Brewer Hub.

Fab Lab.png

What they do: The NWA Fab Lab is a makerspace with equipment to allow people to make almost anything. This includes 3d printers, laser engravers, a 3d body scanner, a full wood shop and much, much more. The focuses of the Fab Lab include, but are not limited to entrepreneurship, education, and work force skills.

What they’re up to now: They are currently organizing an afterschool program for teens called, “Tech for Teens.” The lab has recently been awarded a $10,000 grant to support this initiative which focuses on training underrepresented teens on how to use the technology at the NWA Fab Lab.

Something unique about them: This is the only Fab Lab under the direction of a Chamber of Commerce. NWA Fab Lab is under the direction of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce.